Our in-person parties are coming back soon…in the meantime, we’re having super-fun, creative parties online! See here for more info about our in person parties here

A Builder Party for every occasion!

Virtual parties are the perfect way to connect with friends in a thoughtful and safe way. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just for fun, Builder Parties throws the most engaging and hands-on virtual parties for children ages 6-15+. Let’s explore, build and create together!

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Party Builds

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Minecraft Builders

Explore the wonderous world of Minecraft together with your friends!

Minecrafters can take their creative powers to the next level with a fun-first Minecraft world building party! Party-goers are invited to enter the infinitely-generated worlds of Minecraft filled with adventure, secrets and wonder! Create whatever you can imagine, build awesome Redstone contraptions and go on epic adventures with your friends! Our trained instructors will make sure that every child gets the best possible experience out of the Minecraft adventures.

Roblox Gamers

You and your friends are invited to enter the endless world of Roblox building and games!

What you can imagine, you build together in this next level Roblox-world building and gaming party! Party-goers play challenge games and collaborate on design building challenges that create unforgettable fun and adventure. Our trained instructors will make sure that every child gets the best possible experience out of this Roblox adventure.

Video Game Designers with MIT’s Scratch Coding

Do you and your friends love to play video games? Let’s build and code our own video games and play them together! This unforgettable party includes an introduction to MIT’s Scratch coding program in which each gamer will build their own racing, rocket or apple catching game. We’ll playtest our games in a mini-tournament to make this the most fun party ever! Our trained instructors will make sure that every party goer makes a game and has a ton of fun!

3D Designers with TinkerCAD

Do you and your friends have endless imaginations? Whatever you can dream of, you can 3D design and build in TinkerCAD. This super-creative party includes an introduction to the 3D design program TinkerCAD. Live instructors will guide you and your friends through creating a simple 3D object and then we’ll each create our own special design. You can even save your 3D files to print yourself!

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Party Details

  • Prices starting at $190 for 90 minutes with a max. of 8 kids
  • +$25 each additional child
  • +$75 each additional 30 min
  • +$50 specialized theme
  • Instructors: Live; experienced educators with a 8:1 ratio
  • Length: 1-2 hours
  • Ages: 6-15+
  • Location: From home
  • Attendees: Up to 28 kids
  • For more interactive parties, we suggest 10 or fewer kids but we can accommodate up to 28 kids!

Price Includes

  • Two hours of playing with friends
  • Experienced, live instructors
  • Hosted on private server
  • Payment due prior to the start of your party
  • 100% refunds given 15 days prior to party


Builder Parties are perfect for your budding engineer, artist, programmer and designer!

Party Requirements

  • reliable internet connection
  • Zoom installed
  • Windows or Mac computer with software installed (sorry, no tablets, chromebooks, or phones)
  • Chrome browser
  • For Minecraft & Roblox parties, a parent must be available to setup each attendee’s computer one hour prior to the party to ensure that software is installed and accounts are setup properly.
  • For Minecraft party:
  • Minecraft Java Edition installed (on computer only, not tablet or phone); $26.95 purchase, download and install here
  • PC (Windows 7 or later) or Mac (OSX 10.7 or later) computer (not a Chromebook)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz or AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent
  • RAM: 4GB
  • a Minecraft Java Edition Account
  • For Roblox party: Roblox installed (on computer only; sorry no tablets or phones): download and install here
  • Microphone and speakers or headset (recommended so there is no background noise)
  • Webcam
  • Keyboard and mouse

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