MakerState’s most fun Robotics Art Party

Pave the way for your Ozobot Robot!

Become both an artistic engineer with our Robotics Art Party! Our trained instructors will introduce kids to robotics and computer science through play. Partygoers will create hand-drawn, art-based programs using colors and shapes to guide their Ozobot robots through mazes and quests. Along the way, we’ll learn about cause/effect, critical thinking, and debugging.

Our Party Kids in Action

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Our Locations

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Builder Parties

Upper West Side
77th St. & Broadway
233 W. 77th St.

Big Daddy’s

Upper West Side
Broadway & 91st St.
2454 Broadway

Dave & Busters

Times Square
8th Ave. & 42nd St.
234 W 42nd St.

Big Daddy’s

Gramercy Park
Park Ave. & E. 19th St.
239 Park Ave S.

16 Handles

Upper West Side
Amsterdam & 75th St.
325 Amsterdam


Midtown East
3rd Ave. & 38th St.
560 3rd Ave.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Upper East Side
3rd Ave. & 60th St.
1011 Third Ave.


Upper East Side
2nd Ave. & 83rd St.
1596 2nd Ave.

16 Handles

Upper East Side
2nd Ave. & 81st St.
1569 2nd Ave.

16 Handles

Upper East Side
1st. Ave. & 64th St.
1161 1st Ave.

16 Handles

Upper East Side
Broadway & 98th St.
2600 Broadway

Seward Park Co-Op

Lower East Side
E. Broadway & Grand
266 E. Broadway

Greenwood Church

Park Slope
6th St. & 7th Ave
461 6th St.

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